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Sturdy and powerful saw for heavy duty work. It can cut stone granite marble and concrete blocks up to 41 cm thick.

Sturdy and powerful saws for continuos use. They allow to cut stone, granite, marble and concrete blocks up to 31 cm thick.

masonry saw ideal for cutting brick and concrete blocks up to 29 cm thick and 70 cm long.

It is the new line of more robust, stable, durable and easily mainteinable masonry saws. For straight, diagonal and inclined cutting of bricks, blocks, kerbs, stone and tiles.

professional radial machine ideal for cutting stones and bricks. They are suitable on a construction site or in a workshop. They can make straight cuts, diagonal and jolly up to 200 cm in length. The adjustable cutting head can be used to make grooves (e.g. for drainage).

It is a very good combination of tilecutter and masonry saw for blocks. It is ideal for cutting marble or granite slabs and big tiles. The stainless steel frame and powerful motor make it rugged, durable and versatile.

Professional electric tilecutters for linear, diagonal and inclined cutting of medium-sized and large tiles. The powerful motor of 1,5 kW lets you cut any type of flooring and cladding (gres porcellanato - clinker - ghiaino lavato - fired).



portable electric tilecutter suitable for small and medium-sized tiles. Sturdy, compact and easy to use.

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